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Author: 05 Oct 2018

When it comes to enjoying your life and finding the perfect companion who helps you make the most of your time, escorts are what comes to mind. While there are many who frown upon the idea of indulging in an escort, high-end independent escorts are amazing choices.
While there is the talk of independent escorts being nice and better, there are people who still get confused with an escort agency and independent escorts. If you are one of those who is still wondering what the difference is when you are at the right place, here is a list of differences that will help you differentiate between an agency and an independent escort:

  • The payment
    Independent escorts are much better off when it comes to payments. If you are wondering why then here is the deal. They work alone, and they do not need to rely on a team of other people who do most of the work for them. With no middlemen in between, all the payments directly to the pockets of the escorts.
    When it comes to the escorts who are working for others or in the agency, the payments offered to them are quite low. All they get is a fixed amount of payment, which is usually pre-decided. As an escort, you will only be given your share, and that is hardly ever fair.
  • Protection:
    In this scenario, it is easy to know which kinds of escorts have it easy. The ones working with an agency hardly have anything to worry about. The bouncers and the various guards at the door are always there to protect the ladies in case something goes wrong. Other than this, the identity of the escorts is also kept secret and is made sure that it remains a secret by the agency that you work for.
    However, when you choose to work independently, such things are not possible. You will need to do all of these things alone. While working alone offers you many kinds of advantages, the biggest issue that remains with you is the fact that you will need to deal with your protection on your own. This calls for heavy scrutiny of the clients and a careful choice of the workspace.
  • Security of work:
    While it is true that work for an escort is a hard thing to nail, e.g. the escorts in an agency from Birmingham are offered somewhat minimum clients even if they are not popular. The agency makes sure that everyone has at least some clients.
    However, when you work independently, there is no security for what kind of clients you will get and when will they come to you. Since there is no one to help you with things, you will have to find out how to deal with these problems on your own. Being independent, there are more chances to be popular among your clients by providing quality services, list yourself as a premium member of directories popular for Birmingham Escorts.
  • Marketing and other things:
    As an independent escort, you will need to work by yourself on everything. Although you’d find that your work schedules can be different and easier than others, the fact that you need to find customers on your own and market your website is quite a task. Rather than having a company do it for you, you will need to hire certain people who will help you out and give you something good that will work for you.
    When you work as an escort for an agency, you will find that you do not have to hunt for customers or even look for people who would serve as your customers. You do not need to work on your promotions or other things; you will find that the agency does all of it for you.
  • Work Hours:
    Escorts who work independently have the luxury of choosing what kind of an appointment to set at what time. They are free to work as per their schedules and timelines.
    However, with an agency, you will need to answer when they give you a call. Most agencies offer you a working time frame, but on certain occasions, you may be called in to work more at odd times.

There are pros and cons to both professions. In the end, it depends on you and your comfort with an agency or Independnet Escort.

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