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Author: 10 Sep 2018

There is one fact of life of which every professional high class escort girl is very well aware. For all I know, most women who have sex as a hobby might be aware of it as well. But, to be honest, I do not get to meet many girls outside the sex worker world in order to know. But anyhow, let me share this with you.

Cleaner cut, tidily dressed, well groomed and more conservative men are usually the most perverted ones. Especially when it comes to the services that they want from an Ibiza escort that they are paying lots of money to send time with. A professional escort girl and the booking receptionist at an escort agency can expect to spend time hearing all about their dirty little fantasies, and they will have to act as if they have not heard the same thing a hundred times before.

The Cleaner They Are, The Dirtier They Are

Preppy clean cut or up tight executive types will want to fulfill their darkest lusts and engage in all of the taboo “filthy” acts that they have wanted to experience and indulge in but were afraid to ask their civilian girl friends or wives for. And then they wonder why their sex lives are so unfulfilled – without realising that their wives or girlfriends feel exactly the same.

They spend their lives trying to preserve their clean cut images. Experienced escort girls learn to expect deep, dark smutty desires and requests to come from their most conservative looking clients. Some of them want to dabble with BDSM and power exchange experiences. They ask to to be tied up and turned into a love slave or worse. They want to be spanked, and they love the escort girl to order them around, humiliate them and beat them. Others have other fetishes they want to explore.

These are the ones that are going to be looking for anal sex, anal rimming, golden showers – usually receiving rather than giving, hard sports – either way. They might want to be fucked in the ass by a girl wearing a huge strap on dildo. These kinds of clients are under extreme pressure to maintain a certain kind of image that doesn’t allow them to project their true desires or fantasies. They think that they have to maintain the front of being squeaky clean and following the straight and narrow. Not with a good escort, they don’t.

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