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Author: 14 Apr 2022

While the UK sex industry is the largest sector in the country, but hardly any research has been done about this industry. However, now that has changed as digital technology has transformed not only the sex industry in the UK, but also working practices and safety of the escorts.

A report published in January 2018 has revealed the national average wage for an escort in the UK. While some escorts do earn quite a bit as individuals, the national average of escorts in Manchester is not as high as people assume.

Escort makes money

On a national level, the average earning of an escort is £27,271 a year. However, half of the escorts in the industry earn £20,000 annually. This said, most escorts hardly work 10 hours a week.

The level of job satisfaction among escorts is high as they decide when they want to work. This means that most escorts are happy working through escort agencies or as independent Manchester escorts even though there could be a few things to worry.

The research has found that around 10% of escorts in the UK earn over £50,000 a year when they put in extra hours to entertain clients.

Weekly Earnings


The internet has allowed escorts to enjoy safe working conditions and also get help from other escorts through messaging apps and social media if the need arises. This has also had an impact on their weekly earning potential, as they can get bookings from clients via their web profile.

On an average, Manchester escorts charge £120 for the first hour, £110 for the second hour and £100 for the subsequent hours. Overnight charges are around £830 to £850 or more. Going by these rates and assuming that escorts in Manchester entertain just one client a day for an hour, an escort around £840 a week. However, most escorts entertain more than one client a day. So, on an average, they earn nearly £1000 a week. This is one of the main reasons many young girls are attracted to the escort industry as it allows them to be financially independent as well as allows them to choose their own working hours.

Other Conclusions of the Research

Nearly a third of the escorts who took part in the research have A Level certification, a quarter had a university degree while a sixth had postgraduate degree. When you opt for our Manchester agency escorts, you will find that many are educated young ladies who are elegant, sophisticated and drop-dead gorgeous.

Most enter the escort industry because they love to spend time with laid-back and discerning gentlemen and enjoy their sensuality and sexuality. They love being intimate and have a strong sex drive. They like being pampered by their clients, as many are repeat clients who shower them with gifts.

Entering the Escort Industry


If you enjoy spending time with distinguished and high-profile gentlemen, make sure you find a reliable and reputable Manchester escort agency. This way, you can rest assured knowing that you will get bookings without any worry. There is no standing at street corners and soliciting clients. Instead, clients find you through the agency’s website and book you. Also, you don’t have to worry about non-payment as the agency handles that aspect and ensures you get paid for your hard work.

Being an escort comes with its perks and this is the reason there are so many beautiful and nubile escorts in Manchester. The weekly earnings are good and allow you to have a ball of a time without associated risks. So, what are you waiting for? Be part of the growing band of Manchester escorts and become financially independent while getting pampered by elite gentlemen.


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